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Treat scholar failure.

Give a desire to undertake.

Make the child "able to".

Obtain a new dimension of communication to improve relations with the teacher, the social system.
Reestablish taste for work.

Develop one's senses and emotions, retrieve one's self, integrate the group, discover and enlarge individual autonomy.

Treat violence and exclusion.

How to treat violence ?

By proposing a challenge that automatically and unconsciously develops control of impulsive movements. This control ignites through creation and the subject moving impulsive behaviour out. Introducing an active mediation, such as Tapiézo's approach, will generate the separation, be third party between the individual and all his or her instinctive integrated movements. Distance with violence is obtained. The creations, working and feeling the material, will allow to project subjective sensations. Integration of the child's own language into language follows. The non-said is transformed and symbolically written into the art work. This pictural material will be an outlet and catalytic between the child and the teacher trained for the Tapiézo approach. The child will then be able to bring his own concept : that's how this action is the school of success in itself.

These goals have been reached over a very short period through this approach.
This pictural material permits to establish a link and also place violence transformed into creative work AT DISTANCE. The RIGHT DISTANCE will be preserved through subsequent actions : display, school meeting parents, a press article. Enthusiasm and sublimation will follow these initiatives. Repeating these acts will overcome conspicuous, aggressive or violent impulsive movements.  © The contents of this site and their application are protected by international copyright. Patent pended

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