- LE BIEN PUBLIC - April 17, 1996 -
The paintings of Tapiézo as an initiation to life.

Artist Tapiézo puts his art, and mostly all his soul, to the service of children, tomorrow's society. The catastrophe is violence on the increase, television replacing resigned parents. So away he goes, Don Quichotte, to initiate children to self expression through painting : intense happiness for the painter of free children.

An amazing man, Tapiézo carries as a cross, and up to emotion, the uncertain future of children. Painting is his thing, he paints as "he breathes", but remains unhappy to see adults' failure towards their children where he says "now's the time to act up", show tomorrow's adults the way.

He has wished, as a demonstration of love, for a method that he resumes to the verb "to dare"... and that he has started to spread throughout requesting schools. Where others speak of trestles, brushes, to whom one can answer : "I don't know, I wouldn't dare" he offers the children a wood panel, some sand, some colors, a trowel or suggests to use their fingers. Tapiézo does not order "draw me a cat", as he does not allow himself directives, as an opening, a therapy, a natural unconscious encouragement towards the artistic. Left to their own devices, children don't ask questions, they just spontaneously start creating.

A slice of life otherwise.

Valorization of the child, oversight of conventions, which he doesn't however, make a crusade of ; just "Showing a beginning of attention towards the children", for a simple artistic language, a language of the heart.

Tapiézo initiated during two days the children of the Saint Dominique kindergarten directed by Soléa Durand-Stuart. Available and calm in his mind, he admits never having been disappointed and always amazed by these moments he describes as "magic" , these children and teenagers he crosses along his missions, freed from pressure on meeting the painter. Tapiézo thus wishes to start "the basic work of a beginning story, help the younger and challenge the elder", offer them a "slice of life otherwise" to see and hear more clearly, construct healthy bases for their life to come.

- Liliane Metzger -